• Reserve your spot.  Every model will be able to secure 1 or 2 hours to get his/her photos taken. Every photographer will have 3 or 6 hours to take photos. 

  • Every model will be able to change into as many looks as possible for his/her designated time. NOTE:  There are dressing rooms for models, but please make sure to take clothes with you.  Style & Glam Runway Expo is not responsible or liable for lost, stolen, and/or misplaced items.

  • Sign a Photo Release and Confidentiality Form.  These forms will allow for an easy and private transfer of photos from photographers to models/influencers.

  • Attend the powershoot at the designated time you have selected.  IMPORTANT:  If you wish to participate in the Model Search, do not select shoot time from 2pm to 4:30pm.

  • If you miss your time, you will forfeit your powershoot time and payment.

  • We suggest all parties have an Agreement contract created to include details such as the number of edited photos, completion date of photos, etc.  There will be blank Agreement forms to be completed between all parties.

  • Style & Glam Runway Expo is not responsible or liable for arbitration, third party mediation, any financial, technical and photography issues or any details listed in Agreement contracts. The Photo Release and Confidentiality Form will only be used to enforce the security and privacy of photos and copyright usage.






Photographer Powershoot