Comp Cards

Comp Cards

Because composite (comp) cards are the business cards of a model's career, our design team takes special care in providing professional, unique cards that will not only make you stand out above the competition, but will book you the top jobs.


  • View and select comp card type. Select background colors.  All comp cards are 5.5" x 8.5" and glossy cardstock.

  • Select quantity and make payment.

  • Complete the entire form.

  • Upload photos via form. Some photos may require to be submitted by email. MAKE SURE TO ADD YOUR FULL NAME ON ALL EMAILS.

  • Once you've submitted photos, form and secured your order, you will receive an email with 3 proofs.

  • You will have upto 5 days to review and select desired proof.  NOTE:  If you need the cards sooner, please select proof before 5 days.

  • Please advise of any changes. We do not print any cards until we receive approval confirmation.

  • If needed, we will make minor touch-ups.