6 Foolproof Ways To Be the Best Selfie Queen

Although the Kardashians and Jenners have this down pack, you too can be a fabulous selfie queen. Yes, you can scroll through their Instagram pics but here we have compiled all the necessary tools to get rave reviews over your selfies.


Unless you are some rare unicorn beauty with no bad sides, you have to do what the rest of us will do... look in the mirror and find what side works best for you. Now, I suggest showing both sides some love, but remember that your "good" side will definitely be your go-to. No one likes an one trick pony..lol.


Once you have found those poses that make you look fierce, it's time to get the proper lighting. Not all of us can catch that magical aura that most celebrities have, but we can cheat just a bit. Sunlight always works best but for those days you can't get outside for a couple of hours, but a light ring or continuous LED lighting kit can work just as well. Stay away from halogen or fluorescent lighting because no one looks good in that lighting.


One thing to keep in mind is that a selfie queen's face is always the center of the photo. Make sure your face is in focus and never cut off in the photo. Definitely try artistic angles but stay away from weird, disproportionate poses. The purpose is always to look fierce and not awkward. Leave that to the editorial photo shoots.


This should be an unwritten law, but ​make sure every part of your face or body that will be displayed in the photo is totally fabulous. Pay attention to those brows, lashes and lips. It's always good measure to paint your nails and have that patented Kardashian contour ready for your camera close-up. You just never know what pose will inspire you.


I'm sure this is not a problem but make sure to get a variety of poses and settings. Once you take a bunch, look at them and evaluate if the photos fit your vision. If not, change your angles and surroundings and try again.


Remember the motto, never let them see you sweat. Well, this is perfect because stressing over the perfect selfie will come across in any photo. As long as you have followed these must do rules, have fun and snap away. Always "smize" through it and show the best confident you.

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