3 Modeling Jobs That Pay The Most, Not What You Think

Ever wondered what modeling jobs pull in the most money...here are 3 of the top ranking opportunities that might surprise you and your checking account.


Did anyone ever tell you that your're photogenic or look great in pictures? Well, this could be the start of a fabulous and lucrative career. the commercial print industry is a multi-billion dollar industry and is constantly looking for talent---actors and models---to grace the covers and pages of magazines, newspapers, catalogs and more. Unlike fashion or runway modeling, print does not adhere to a strict set of physical requirements, like age, height and weight. Instead, agencies and brands are simply seeking the right look. Depending on your appearance, special skills, commitment and perseverance, you could have that look. Companies, like Walgreens and Walmart, the larger companies, regularly need fresh faces to advertise their products.


Not to be confused with fitness models, "Fit" models work behind the scenes in fashion houses and with garment manufacturers to make sure that sizing and fit are maintained in the clothing manufacturing process. Garment manufacturers require a variety of shapes and sizes of fit models in order to fit their garments properly before they are shipped to the consumer. Although you must maintain precise measurements and proportions, to work as a fit model, normally this type of work is consistent because you can build lasting personal relationships. Some may ask why not use a mannequin? Well mannequins can't showcase how the garment moves on a body, demonstrate its range of mobility while wearing it or tell how the clothing feels---whether it's itchy or uncomfortable---so the fit models are beneficial to these companies. Generally, a fit model can start at $100/hour and go upwards of $400/hour for more popular clothing brands.


A promotional model is a model hired to driver consumer demand for a product, service, brand or concept by directly interacting with potential customers. A majority of promotional models typically are conventionally attractive in physical appearance, which is thought to bring more appeal to the item. While the model may not be directly employed by the company they represent, they are trained to answer questions and provide customer feedback about the products, services and brand. Marketing campaigns place promotional models in retail stores, shopping malls, trade shows and even outdoor public spaces, to provide a more personable live person-to-person experience. Promotional models may, also, be used as TV hosts, brand ambassadors and spokemodels for large ad campaigns

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