10 Easy Beauty Hacks

Just like the beauty hacks we all crave, you will fall in love with these simple tips. Going easy on your purse strings, every fashionista can find these hacks a cinch to follow without breaking the bank. Now get the celebrity secrets that even the Beyonce's stylists will cosign.

• Hiding bra straps on the shoulder blade, by taking a hair tie and wrap it behind both straps and through itself. It will hold into a knot and hide the straps by pulling them together.

• For an instant boob lift, use professional grade fabric tape. Start below the breast and then tape vertically to lift and support your chest.

• Remove oil stains from a purse or shoes by sprinkling baby powder on the soiled spot and letting it sit overnight.

• Spray lemon juice on yellow pit stains before you put the shirt in the wash.

• Stretch out tight shoes by placing a bag of water in each and leaving them in the freezer overnight.

• Wash sneakers with baking soda, detergent and a toothbrush to liven them up.

• Use shaving cream to remove makeup (foundation particularly) from shirt collars.

• Put the string of your hoodie back into the hood by threading it through a straw.

• Dont have a steamer? Remover wrinkles from your clothes by placing towel on top of the area and use a flat iron.

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