Candis Dorsey

by Kate Penn

In the attempt to start her modeling career at the age of 15, she was offered an opportunity to  model outside of Pittsburgh, but because of the expense, Candis’ grandmother had to decline.  Instead she encouraged Candis to pursue a career in Administration, which gave her experience in branding, marketing and most importantly networking.

Height: 5'8”

Bust: 32 D/34 C  

Waist: 27

Hips: 38

Hair: dark brown

Eyes: dark brown

Dress: 2/4

Shoes: 8

IG @CandisDorseyy 


Model Experience:

  • · Modelweek Pittsburgh

  • · James Bond Soiree

  • · Fashion & Beauty Expo

K: When did you launch your career in modeling?

C:  On May 2019, I took what was already inside of me and leaped into the modeling world.


K:  What motivated you to start your career at the age of 33?

C:  Recently I have helped a long time friend, working with a Real Estate Investment Company to design the interior of a house.  It was such an amazing experience, that it reminded me how  passionate I’m about creativity. Ultimately it lead me back to what I love the most...modeling.

K:  Who do you wish to work with in the industry?

C:   I dream of the opportunity to work with and be mentored by Tyra Banks! She has been through a lot in her life beginning at a very young age, which I'm sure was not always glitter and gold. At the end, she shows strength in so many ways as a model, actress and woman. For that I would be honored at the opportunity to have her apart of my modeling life.

K: What one piece of advice would you give another model?

C:  My advice to aspiring models would be to continuously polish your brand, eventually it will become so bright people can’t help but to see it.