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the founder

Hey loves, I am Jamyce Patterson, the founder and CEO of the Style & Glam brand. I have a daughter, Jazzy, that is stepping into my footsteps as my mini me entrepreneur (lol). She is the owner of Style & Glam Girls, so if you have any young fashionistas, check out the site here because they'll absolutely love it! 

For 20 years, I worked in the healthcare sector as an office administrator, until one day I realized my passion to be an entrepreneur was too great to not pursue.  Since then, I have owned a modeling agency and event production company, but my heart belongs in fashion, beauty and everything glamorous.  I'd originally launched the business as an accessory boutique and years later, we carry over thousands of apparels, accessories, beauty, girl items, home decor and wedding items.  We've come a long way baby!

As a women entrepreneur of color, it is extremely important for me to build a diverse, inclusive community of style bosses, models and staff. The Style & Glam platform promotes empowerment, ambition and self-love.

From shopping our fashions and beauty to watching us behind the scenes and attending our runway events, immerse yourself in the ultimate glam gal experience.



We will upload our style bosses soon.

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