The Heart Of Gold Designer:

Eva Dixon

Inspirational, Advocate And Momma Bear

by Jamyce Patterson


Eva Dixon, owner of “I Do Designs By Eva,” learned how to sew patterns at the age of nine from her grandmother.  Being in business for almost 25 years, she is known for custom dancewear and elegant bridal gowns.  Eva finds

inspiration for her clothing lines from classic style of the Victorian, 20’s and 50’s eras.  She has been spotlighted in  numerous publications and events, such as Pittsburgh Fashion Week, Project Runway Show,  NYC Fashion Model Takeover Showcase, Salvation Army Garbage Bag Gala, Beaver Times, Inspiring Lives Magazine and "Four Weddings" for designing two wedding gowns. Adding to her repertoire, Eva has won many awards: Style & Glam, 2018 Glam Awards Designer Of The Year, Business Choice Awards Fabricator of the Year and  Designer Of The Year for the Fashion Art and Design to name a few.


In the years of her working with models, dubbed “Momma Bear” for her caring and loving nature, Eva has opened up her heart and has helped many to navigate their way through the challenges of the modeling and fashion industry.  She has created an empowering model group that gives models a safe place to voice their concerns and learn the ins and outs about the business, from knowing the signs of sex trafficking to important tools on promoting one’s career.


September 2019, Eva was scheduled to headline for a big fashion show NYC Fashion Takeover.  Over 150 designers, models, photographers and beauty professionals traveled nationwide to attend this production.  On the day of the show, after countless phone calls, the participants were notified that the event coordinator was no where to be found.  Everyone quickly realized they had been scammed out of nearly $12,000.   Making matters worse, NYC police removed the people from their hotel rooms, leaving no place for them to sleep.  With sheer determination, “In a God’s moment,” as she calls it, several of the participants, including Eva, put their resources together and secured the venue.  Noticing they were up against the clock, “Everyone pitched in like team work.  We felt like family.”  They are still attempting to recover all of their money, but Eva learned a big lesson, “God brought us together. He taught us to stand as one body and soul. It was not about who we are and no color/race to  divide us.  It was the true meaning of sister and brotherhood.”