Whether you are a mother of two or a fashionista on the go,  you are just a few clicks away from becoming a brand ambassador. Now you can plan fabulous online parties, market your business and rack up on lots of cash and free products.


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What does it mean to become an online Brand Ambassador with Style & Glam Boutique?

Style and Glam Boutique gives everyone an equal opportunity to not only earn money as a brand ambassador, but to create your own schedule and become financially independent.    


What are the responsibilities of an online Brand Ambassador?

Our online brand ambassador's duties consists of the following logistics, from inviting friends and family to the online party, setting up the date and time and providing his/her party guests with an awesome personal shopping experience.  As an online brand ambassador, you are considered an independent contractor and are required to handle all aspects of promoting and marketing your business, purchasing your marketing tools and keeping all of your business records.


How are Style & Glam online parties different from other accessory parties or trunk shows?

With such busy schedules, online parties give our customers the opportunity to have the ultimate shopping experience from the comfort of their own homes.


Commissions Pay

Total Sales - Cash/Credits


$100 - $199 --- 10% credit

$200 - $299--- 12% credit

$300 - $399 --- 15% credit

$400 - $499 --- 18% credit

 $500 - $599 --- $50 cash or 20% credit  


 $600 - $699 --- $65 cash or 22% credit  

$700 - $799 --- $80 cash or 25% credit

$800 - $899 --- $95 cash or 27% credit

$900 - $999 --- $135 cash or 30% credit

$1000+ --- 20% cash or 32% credit

As an online Brand Ambassador, how do I make money?

Every online brand ambassador will have many opportunities to make money by producing online parties where friends and family can purchase items through the ambassador.  As the guests go onto the website and place orders, they will use a code that is provided by the ambassador, in which, will get cash back or credit as commission.


How do Style & Glam online parties work? 

Upon completion of registration,  Style & Glam Boutique will give each online brand ambassador a Customer Code to hand out to customers for the online parties.  Every online party is a 3 day shopping event that allows guests a chance to access the website and make their purchases. The Customer Code must be used at the checkout and will automatically calculate the total sales at the end of the 3rd day of the shopping event.  Once total sale is calculated for the shopping event, Style & Glam Boutique will notify the online brand ambassador and give him/her a choice to receive a check or credit towards the purchase of our products.   Because the host has only 1 Customer Code, he/she can only have one shopping party at a time.  After the 3rd day of an online party, the online brand ambassador can launch another 3 day shopping event following immediately after the previous party.  Every online brand ambassador can have as many online parties as he/she wish to create. 

What happens if there is a clearance sale or holiday sale at the same time as an online party?

The guests will still be able to purchase clearances and sale items.  If the Customer Code is used during the time of the sale, the discount will be automatically activated.  If for any reason, the sale or discounted item(s) is not redeemed, the online brand ambassador  must contact us to adjust price.  The customer will directly receive a refund or store credit, at customer's discretion.


Do I need to purchase Style & Glam jewelry for my online parties?

Absolutely not. The best thing about having an online party is that each online brand ambassador can make money without purchasing any sample jewelry nor spending tons of money on preparing for a party.  Style & Glam Boutique will provide updated promotional flyers, photos and videos that each online brand ambassador can upload onto his/her social media page or event page.

How do I create an online party? How do I invite people to my online party?

In several easy steps, you can create and invite friends, family and potential customers to your online party.  Once you receive your Customer Code, begin by promoting the code on your social media, flyers and anywhere you wish to promote your business. Now it's time to actively invite guests to your party, by launching a social media event page, sending electronic invitations and even contacting guests via email. After you have notified your guests, give them incentives to place an order (check below for incentive ideas).  Make sure they are aware they have only 3 days to purchase jewelry and accessories under your code.   The shopping party will begin as soon as a customer places an order and will close at the end of the 3rd day.   Following the online party, Style & Glam Boutique will notify the host of the sale totals and the amount you have earned.

What are some of the incentive ideas that will promote guests to place an order?

There are many great incentives that will interest your guests, such as, have a drawing where paying customers can win a free product, create a point system that allows regular customers to get free items once they have reached a certain dollar amount and include a complimentary item for those who share the invitation to their friends and family.  The ideas are limitless but please remember, every online brand ambassador must purchase the items to be raffled, gifted or donated.

How do I receive my earned cash and/or credits?

At the end of the 3rd day, all sales will be calculated and you will be notified of the sales total via email.  You will have 1 month to choose if you would like to receive a check or use the credit towards jewelry and accessories.  If you choose to receive a check, Style & Glam Boutique will issue it within 1 week.  If you decide to receive a credit, Style & Glam will email you a Rewards Code to redeem your credit.  Your Rewards Code will be different for every shopping event, but will always consist of the first three letters of your last name.​

Can I create my own marketing materials?

No.  Style & Glam Boutique has its own marketing materials, such as promotional flyers, photos and videos that are provided to all online brand ambassadors free of charge. Style & Glam Boutique, also, offers our ambassadors professional marketing packages that will give each ambassador the necessary business tools to effectively become success.  There are several affordable package kits with plenty of promotional and marketing items that will help you get started immediately.  It is your responsibility as an online brand ambassador to ensure that all contact information is updated and accurate on all marketing materials.  Style & Glam Boutique will provide online technical support to assist with any concerns and questions. 

Why do I need to register? How do I get started?

You must register with Style & Glam Boutique to receive your Customer Code to track all of your sales for every shopping party. Once you receive your registration confirmation, you will be ready to plan fabulous online parties, promote your business and rack up lots of money and credits.  Just complete the registration form.